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Team Allen

Team Allen has the resources, ability, and expertise to support the training needs of the Federal government.

Team Allen is composed of organizations which represent leaders in the fields of training, education, modeling and simulation, accessibility and training facility operations. We are currently providing customized learning and training solutions and support throughout the Civilian and DoD sectors of the federal government and in private industry.

Below is a brief table with our team members.
Team Member Strengths and Capabilities
  • Experience with OPM TMA Program
  • Nationally recognized experts in analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation (ADDIE) of training systems
  • Provider of training services, IT support, and LMS integration
  • Business processes founded on the ADDIE model
  • Experience as prime contractor on large contracts with multiple subcontractors
  • Experience with PMO support and training facility support and management
American Management Association
  • Commercial Off the Shelf Courseware and learning objects that can be customized for TMA customers
  • International network of instructors and facilities
  • Facilitates bi-annual Government working groups showing Federal trends with resulting publications
  • Contributor to WFED and Federal Times Leadership Chronicles
  • Blended approach to masters level education in nationally-ranked, AACSB accredited business programs
  • Ability to give credit for customized Government courses that accommodate working professionals
  • Extensive training and e-learning research, analysis, and evaluation expertise
DEI Services Corp.
  • Expertise in development of simulations for Level III/IV technology-based training, desktop trainers, micro-sims and high-fidelity training devices
  • Provides a full range of training system solutions from technology-based training to Operational Flight Trainers
  • Extensive experience in maintenance training devices for air and ground vehicles
  • Experience on several major ID/IQs that implement performance-based payments
  • International ILT and WBT education with over 30,000 DL students enrolled
  • National network of classrooms and distributed training resources
  • Thousands of faculty including 2,500 available instructors
  • Masters level ISD certification program
  • OPM TMA Prime Contractor - Human Capital Services
  • Intel community experience/staff with high level clearances
  • Senior level technical staff (>75% hold Ph.D.s)
  • Extensive capability in all training areas including training support, administration, learning technology support, content/curriculum design, development, and delivery
  • Large, enterprise-wide project lead and support
  • Over $1B in training solutions provided
  • Global, industry-leading learning outsourcing provider
  • Provides IT accessibility and Section 508 consulting, analysis, testing, and training solutions Supporting OPM GoLearn and GSA's Center for IT Accessibility
  • Provides program office support, Six Sigma, and technology-based training and delivery
Virginia Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center
  • Provides research, development and integration of cutting-edge modeling, simulation and visualization customized training technologies
  • Extensive laboratory facilities, including first academic Battle Laboratory, focused on training, experimentation and proof of concept validation
  • Access to faculty and graduate students within six colleges directly affiliated for research and education
Please contact Tom Pearson (571.321.1639/tpearson@allencorp.com) for more information.